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Well, my dears...

I finally started really planning the big, mysterious "Project A" I talk about every now and then. Complete, with a notepad of it's own and so on... I think it will go pretty well...


Furthermore, I will have at least 2 other quilting projects going on through all of next year. I simply do not have the equipment to start already, so I decided to do the Craftsy Block of the Month (see below/to the side) that Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock taught this year in 2013 instead. I also mean to subscribe to Amy's already announced "Sugar Block Club" for next year. That makes two. And it is also to be heard that Craftsy is busy putting together another free Block of the Month for 2013, with another teacher, so if they really do this, I will also join in that class... that would make three continuing quilting projects for that year. I do not count "Project A" into that equation, for it is an even MORE long-term project...


Live long and prosper,

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