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Sequel Update...

Remember the Prologue to the Sequel of POP 2008 I posted a while ago? Well, here's the beginning of Chapter 1 to continue it:



He jumped over the remnants of a garden wall and rolled through a small opening at the base of the houses wall, leaving the corrupted birds on the other side. He then ran through several empty hallways and a few dusty rooms before he allowed his tortured body a few minutes of rest.
He crumbled into a heap in what seemed to have once been a bedroom and reflected on how he had come to be here. After Elika had left him, he tried to find a way to banish Ahriman on his own. He doubted that Elika would find any of her people, and even if she did, that they would abandon the lives they had built for a probably futile fight. However, he hoped the best for her sake, but at least to see her again before the end.
The rapidly spreading corruption was everything but helpful considering his purpose. Ahriman was not oblivious of his and the Princess’ intentions and seemed to corrupt anything that might have been any degree of helpful first.
The worst, or rather hardest, part was that a few night after his separation from Elika, the darkness had started to invade his sleep. He hardly ever closed his eyes anymore, for fear that he might fall into a slumber and give in to the whispers Ahriman sent to him. He was tired of fighting.

>>>She abandoned you… Left you alone in the dark… Alone… For me to take… To take… Take as my own… How much?... How much could you mean?... After all… A boy from the steets… Little more than a beggar… Did you think you could succeed?... Did she?... Or did she merely keep you as company?... Company… In her loneliness… In the void… You crave her… You want her close… So close… She could be… Be yours…
You have but to ask.<<<

He awoke from his uneasy, restless dreams. Shooting up straight, he shook the dust off his clothes as best he could and turned to face the Darkness for a little more time. The day was not yet done.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of the "Prince of Persia" games. I never did, and I probably never will. If I come up with an additional character to use in this story, it shall be said so, and I will retain the rights to said character, unless he involves features that are not my own intellectual property. The rights to said features will remain with those who own them. Anyway, this is just a silly story I came up with to pass the time...


This shall already be it for now, I jost wanted to post this here because I was submitting it to DA anyway...

Live long and prosper,
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