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Hello World!

Yes, I am indeed still alive. I have not posted much since I am in Belfast because I basically felt like crap most of the time. Quite frankly, I still do, but since I'm having a day that is marginally better than most, I decided it was time to blog.

So, what can I say?
Since I arrived arrived here in a slight drizzle I have probably cried enough tears to supply a village in the desert with water for a month. I know perfectly well that I am nearly 24 and should make the step and leave home anyway, but I just do not feel ready. I am very attached to my home, my town, my people there, which is why I am quite determined to go back to Germany as soon as I possibly can. 'Till then, I'll just bite the inside of my cheek and deal with whatever comes my way as best I can. And make the most out of the time I have to spend here.

Most of my ongoing UFO's (crafty) I had to leave in Germany. OK, actually all of them. The only thing I brought here is my stash of knitting needles and crochet hooks, and an initial kit for what is going to be my first solid attempt at quilting. I might have mentioned before that the EPP-bug has bitten me, and I still feel it strongly, so my work on what I call "The Pond" is progressing fairly well. I brought just a few patches of fabric, a little thread, five or so needles and 120 hexagon paper templates with me from Germany and started basting on my first evening, but now, 2 1/2 months into the project, I already have 857 hexis basted, fabric for the last 43 at hand, all remaining paper templates printed and cut, and I think the thread I bought on my second week here when the one I brought had run out should suffice for the rest of the basting I have to do for this one. I have found the most delightful little quiltshop here in Belfast, and I go there every weekend to supply my newfound addiction to fabric. I always end up buying 3-4 different half metres of fabric, half of which goes to making 30 hexis for "The Pond", while the other half goes towards my slowly growing stash of fat quarters. Furthermore, although it is currently moonlighting as a Capsickle, "Project A" is anything but forgotten. If I find a nice, UK-based webshop selling Kona solids, I might be tempted to buy all the fabric I need for it here. Otherwise, I'll probably just end up buying a whole bolt of white cotton and dye it every shade I need once I get back to Germany. I might dye fabric for the backgorund myself anyway, so why not go all the way? But for now, I'm well occcupied with "The Pond" and the other project I started since I'm here.
What? You want to know what that other project is? Well, then... Before I left, I saw a pretty sweet Pullover in the german issue of "The Knitter". It was a men's model, and the front body was knit in Entrelac-technique, each square cabled in itself. I thought it might be a nice present for either of my male relations, but it is by no means a beginner's project regarding the Entrelac, so I started practicing with a leftover ball of yarn. This turned into a scarf I gave to my dad, and since I liked the technique a lot, I started a blanket with it. I'm using Sirdar's Hayfield Bonus Chunky, buying it in various colours as I go, without a certain colour scheme. Each square has 15 stitches in width. And while I was knitting on this blanket, it came to my mind that the yarn is actually a near perfect substitute for the recommended yarn in another project I've been planning on making for a long time. Do you remember the Yggdrasil Afghan? Yeah, that's the one. I want to make it so badly, I am busy saving up money to place an order for enough balls of the yarn to last me through the project. And possibly through a second one, since a friend of mine kind of ordered one from me. But he also wanted a TARDIS-quilt, so I might make him pick. Or give him one as a present when I can finally afford to visit him, and the other when he afterwards come to visit me. So that would probably give me a few years time.

Yeah, so I basically try to mend my broken, homesick heart by doing crafts. Oh, right, and by buying Doctor Who merchandise. There's a quite big box from amazon in my room's corner, and it contains my TARDIS teapot, my TARDIS mug with lid and my most recently bought TARDIS cookie jar.
I also watch Doctor Who when it's on. That basically means that I spend Friday and Saturday evenings watching Doctor Who before going out (or not), and Sunday evenings around 9 pm Channel 5 airs the 2nd Season of "Once Upon A Time". Other than that, I am rewatching Phase 1 of the MCU. A lot. Like, when I'm finished watching "The Avengers" I just start again. Or start the MCU right from the beginning, with "Iron Man". And every now and then in between, I watch a few episodes of "Doctor Who" on DVD. You know, since I had not really seen Season 3 yet, and Season 4 only comes to the German DVD-market in June... But thanks to my friend's flatmate, I recently acquired Season 4-7.1, plus the Specials and animated episodes. Those will do for now...

What else do I do in order to not think of how much I don't approve of some things here, and being stuck here for at least 4 more months? Oh, I found a nice group of people to go to the cinema with, mostly on Tuesdays, since it's really cheap then. The first time we went, we watched "Jack the Giant Slayer", the week after that it was "Oz, the Great and Powerful", and this week we completely wasted our time and money by seeing "Springbreakers". Only because Anton, my Estonian flatmate, had read somewhere that there were Sex and Drugs in this one.

I'm looking forward to my birthday in May, since that's when a whole bunch of people I love is coming here to visit me! It's gonna be a blast!!!

Oh, and there's another thing. I've got a concert ticket for Josh Groban in Dublin, so I'm also looking forward to June, when the concert is... My annual leave from work for both, visit and concert, is already approved.

Regarding social contact... I get along quite well with the german girl that started along with me on my team, but I do not like someone else at all. That person just bugs me. My trainer, however, is hilarious. And Anton, living downstairs in my house, is great company to keep. He's working for my employer as well, but on a completely different project. He introduced me to quite some people from his project, mostly girls, and I like them all. One of them is Jessica, another german girl, who agreed to go see Iron Man 3 with me... Which we did last Friday. IT. WAS. EPIC.

On Saturday, I did some baking and then went to a birthday party in the evening. When I got home at 2 in the morning, I didn't want to go to bed yet, so I watched some "Dcotor Who", and it was around 4 when I closed my eyes for the benfits of sleep. I woke up three hours later with a terrible pain in my back and cramps. The end result was that I went to a little shop (yes, shops and supermarkets open on Sundays here) up the street around 8am, but they did not have what I needed, so I had to wait till 13 o'clock when Tesco opened to go get it there. And because I felt like crap and wanted to do some good for myself, I bought way too much crap at Tesco, and afterwards want to the cinema to see "Jack the Giant Slayer" for a second time.

So, that's basically all I have to say right now. Photos may pop up in some future post, I'm way too lazy for that now...
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