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A Ghost and a Prince

So, I've been doing quite a bit of work on that ghost-blanket for my semi-cousin. All of the Granny Squares are correctly assembled and crocheted together in one direction. This means I've crocheted them together from left to right (of course) and worked in such rows from bottom to top. Now I'm working on crocheting together the columns, as it would make for quite a draft under the blanket if I didn't... While doing so, I'm also sewing in the loose ends of the squares before it, once I am done with each column. I've got four columns done so far...

Now, the other part of the headline: I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I'm a huge fan of Prince of Persia. My mother played the original game when I was little, and I guess I was about... ten or eleven when she bought Prince of Persia 3D after finding it by accident... I found 3D to be interesting, like, a few years later and since my mom had stopped playing in the middle, I thought I should give it a try. I have to admit I never finished 3D. Maybe I should change that...
But I was delighted when we stumbled over "The Sands of Time". The rights of the franchise had gone to Ubisoft, and they provided the fans with a delightful trilogy which inspired the 2010 movie with Jake Gyllenhall in the lead. But that one's just very loosely based on the first game of the trilogy. The release of the movie was accompanied by the release of another game taking place between 1 and 2 of the trilogy. Many poeple dislike this game, and I have to say that it could definetely be better, but I still liked it as a... let's call it a snack... A little something to lessen the hunger for the game you're actually waiting for...
In 2008, Ubisoft had come up with a new take on the Prince, and they released a game simply called "Prince of Persia" again, with a story that took me by surprise and graphics that had me breathless several times while playing (YAY FOR CELL-SHADING!!!). This game was sort of open-ended, and the last achievent unlocking upon completion said "to be continued..." This was followed by a later release of a DLC picking up where the game itself ended. Not only was this DLC sort of "hidden" from a lot of gamers, since it was released for PS3, but not for PC, but it also was not very satisfying in itself. It left the ending open just like before, and nobody has ever heard anything official about it ever since. There are rumors from time to time, but that's about it.
However, it now seems as if all hope might be lost, since there's rumors of a more serious nature now, about Ubisoft rebooting the series again, before they have even finished the story of 2008.
Therefore, because all of this bugs me, and because I don't know what else to write, I've decided to write a sequel story in prose. I'll post what I come up with here every now and then (aka: when the muse kisses me and I'm not too lazy to type...).
Beginning now.
This is what I have come up with this morning before breakfast. If you don't know the game, but are interested anyway, you can always read up on its story online.



The white cloth stopped fluttering around her in the crisp night air, as her bare feet lowered onto the floor of the balcony.The broken marble structures that once built its balustrade and even the columns supporting it from below seemed to glimmer in the soft, ice-blue light emanating from every revealed part of her skin.
“You are Ahura.” She called out to the densely packed square below her. As she did, even the last few persons turned their heads to look up at her. Some stared in amazement.
“You are the people of old. You are MY people.” With that, she lifted again from the marble balcony and descended into the middle of the square, right among the crowd.
“We are one.” She added. “For many moons I have searched the plains of our lands, the plains of the Ahura, and the lands beyond for my people. I asked. I scanned the desert plains. I begged. And after a while, I began to pray again. Though I feared that Ormazd had left us, I prayed, and I asked for his guidance. And as I found each of you, alone or in groups, I bid you come here tonight, for only one reason.” She took a long,deep breath, and the night was silent but for the wind moaning through the empty halls of yet another broken palace, once home to a legacy as rich as her own.
“I need your help. Our lands need you. The tree of life was cut down. The temple has crumbled to dust and become one with the sands of the desert. Ahriman is free.”


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of the "Prince of Persia" games. I never did, and I probably never will. If I come up with an additional character to use in this story, it shall be said so, and I will retain the rights to said character, unless he involves features that are not my own intellectual property. The rights to said features will remain with those who own them. Anyway, this is just a silly story I came up with to pass the time...


What do you think? Decent work? I'll appreciate criticism, especially positive, but also negative (though not so much...), as long as it's decent, resonable, explained, and issued in appropriate ways.

Live long and prosper,
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