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So I'm a dedicated Whovian as well...

I mean, in addition to being a Sherlockian, a reader, a knitter, a crocheter, a seamstress, and basically a geek supreme.

I don't think I mentioned it here before, but I am now proud owner of all seasons of the Doctor Who revival available in Germany. To be precise, that means Season 1+2 (DVD) and 5.1+5.2 (BluRay) have found a home in the shelf I keep my TV-shows in. (I need a bigger one, this one is so full I had to put Heroes next to it, instead of inside...) If anybody still wonders where I keep Seasons 3, 4, 6, 7 and the Specials: I don't keep them AT ALL!!! GRAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
When Doctor who was first aired in Germany, it was on Pro Sieben. They were not content with the numbers, so they stopped airing it after Season 2. Some years, I believe (to lazy to research more closely...), later, the right to air it were bought by FOX, so the Doctor is now only available on Pay-TV. We don't have Pay-TV. Not yet. But I am pretty sure that, when we change to digital TV, when we'll have to pay anyway, I can persuade my supporters to get FOX as well. Just because. I mean, it's the Doctor. OK, third Season is coming in January, but nobody said anything about the others and the Specials yet. Which sucks. but I wrote to Polyband about an hour ago. If I'm luck, I might get an answer tomorrow. I sure hope so. Mostly because I am almost out of episodes to watch. I could probably substitute with Torchwood for a while, plus rewatching Doctor Who in English. I know lots of german Whovians have, after being fed up with waiting so long, bought the original boxes from the UK. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect that choice, but I am not willing to spend my money in the same thing twice. Which I would have to do when they're later released here. I just like having the possibility to watch stuff in both languages. I might be persuaded if I find a really cheap used offer on Amazon or something...

That shall be it. Doctor Who rant over. (For now.)

Live long and prosper,
Cas Fangirls

Just a quick update...

...before I turn off the TV and light. I just finished another last Granny Square. The one for the current blanket, to be precise. Now I'll catch some sleep, so that I may be able to do some cleaning, take a photo of all the squares and start assembling tomorrow... 'Night.

Live long and prosper,

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You may think I'm nuts...

...but that is asomething I'm totally aware of anyway, so it does not really bother me if others find out...
So, I went to the Pub with my friends past tuesday, but I did not really get anything done crafts-wise... We were way too busy drinking and chatting away. I made two or so Granny squares, but that's it...
Nevermind, the rest of the week was quite productive. I made quite a lot of Squares and am a good deal into my next blanket. And now we've reached the crazy part. Yesterday we went to my uncle's who wanted to at least hae dinner with us to celebrate my parents 25th anniversary. So, because I wanted to finally get rid of it, as well as my mom did, who had fallen over the box a few times already, just like myself, I took my semi-cousin's ghost blanket with me. I will pick up the money he still owes me today. The scary thing is that I think I might have, amongst all the drinking and yelling that always goes on over there, agreed to make a blanket for my aunt and uncle's bed. I will talk this over with them today, and if the really want one, I'm scared of the size, but not of designing, as I've already got something in mind.

That's all for now.

Live long and prosper,

PS: As you may have noticed, I now have a signature after every entry, containing two buttons. The first onbe will lead you to Amy Gibson's awesome blog, called Stitchery Dickory Dock, And the second leads you to her Craftsy class, the Block of the Month. I actually created a Craftsy account because of this class. It is really great, plus it's free. You can also find the pages on the "Links" section of my sidebar. I might add more buttons and links as time passes... We'll see...

PS2: An hour or so ago, I ironed two newspaper pages to do foundation paper piecing on. Just sayin'
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I'm Out Of The Game...

It's been quite a while again but by now you should probably be aware of the fact that I'm a) completely nuts, b) terribly lazy and c) only posting when I sort of have something to say, rant, or similar...
So, now that I found a few thimgs to say, I'm back, and here we go...

I recently needed a space-filler on an amazon-order, to raise the bill just enough to not have to pay packaging and mailing... So I checked out the music and found that my favourite (living) musicians new album was on discount... Aaaaaand... off into my shopping basket it went. Now it is constantly on replay, whether I'm cleaning, blogging, knitting, crocheting, even while I'm watching TV I sometimes just can't stop myself from humming "Rashida" or "Welcome to the Ball"... It's almost creepy... Almost.

I'm 49 Granny squares down on the blanket I'm making for a friend as a farewell-gift because she intends to move to London... This leaves me with... Hang on... 60 to go, plus assembling *giggle* and finishing...

You may please excuse my giggly outbreak, but the word group "assemble" makes me giggle ever since I came up with the idea for "Project A". Which is, by the way, still in planning phase. I admit to not having done much about it, but I'm going out to the Pub with a few friends tomorrow while ma parents celebrate their 25th anniversary by going out to dine together, and we agreed to bring our crafting supplies and go for a heck of a lot of social knitting, crochet, sewing, and whatnot. For me, that includes:
1. my still unfinished Watson-Jumper I blogged about earlier...
2. my Granny-Square yarn and favourite crochet-hook for aforementioned friend
with intentions to move outta country...
3. my Hexy-pillow-project...
maybe 4. my handkerchief. Yeah, the one I started working on back whe I went to Berlin early last month...

I also intend to take pens & a heck of a lotta paper, in order to get some serious planning done on "Project A". I want to get the general layout done before New Year's. And I mean really general. The movie schedule is still a bit fuzzy and it is not exactly clear yet how many movies are going to be made that are relevant for my quilt, so I can just guess for now... And I want the first block perfectly planned 'till then as well...
As far as my Watson-Jumper is concerned, I have not exactly done much since I last blogged about it, probably due to my revived obsession with granny squares and my beginning sewing obsession...

I'm starting to get cold now, my hands are already freezing and my nose is chilly (baaaaaad sign!), so I'll say bye now, and I'll be back!

Live long and prosper,

PS: Have some David Tennant!

So, I actually wanted to...

...switch the PC off now, becaue it's freaking cold and I'm freezing my legs off here... (If you're wondering, I'm wearing a pullover that ALWAYS prevents the upper half of my body from being cold, so that's why it's only my legs.) BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, for the first, "Golden Girls" are not on air yet, and for the second, something popped up in my mind that I wanted to post for a while already... Are you prepared? Good, here you go:

I have come up with, as I have called it on facebook when I posted about it a few days ago, "an idea of incredible awsomeness". I have recently done a rather big amount of crafty work on my sewing machine, Lizzie, and I really liked the activity. So, I thought I should really start to get into quilting.
I will, of course, do little projects to get started, but what I have in mind as a rather big back-up-project is what I am already lovingly calling >Project A<... It involves a series of movies that really got me, and they're still going to continue for a while, so I thought I could make something involving them. It is still in the planning-phase, but what I have in mind so far is that I will make a blog involving the main character or a prominent symbol from each of the upcoming movies, finishing each blog on time for it's respective movie's release. I will probably continue planning 'till the end of the year, and start working on the first blog in January. I intend to make the motifs for each blog using the technique of english paper piecing, so the long planning phase also gives me time to practice that technique before I start anything big. I think doing things thouroughly is in order for what I've got in mind.
I want to keep the secret of what the quilt is really going to be about for as long as possible, but a am sure to drop hints every now and then, both intentionally and unintentionally. For one, the date's I'm finishing each blog are going to be a huge give-away. Hell, even the project's name already contains a hint.

[Golden Girls Break]

Anyway, I am now planning >Project A<, along with some other stuff... I'm glad I have so much paper lying around, so I have lots of space to plan and sketch and stuff... And I shall...

I have finished unraveling and re-doing all the Granny Squares I had already done for my friend's blanket.
Mini-Sherlock has gotten half a haircut in the meantime. I have to get him done 'till the end of the month, because we will go to Chemnitz then, my mum wants stuff from IKEA... And while I'm there, I can buy fabric, which is really cheap at IKEA, and meet another friend, who I want to give Mini-Sherlock to.

I feel like I'm forgetting something her, but I don't feel like rummaging my brain fo it, so I'll leave you with that...

Live long and prosper,

This is gonna take some time...

OK, as I mentioned earlier, I finished my Mario Blanket. I took the sewn together strips apart again, and crocheted it together instead. Therefore, BEHOLD!!!!!

I think he turned out pretty good, didn't he???

Following now, you will see my current WIP's (Work In Progress)...

These are the first parts I have made for my baking-apron. Said apron is currently, in fact, almost done. I attached the big part to the waistband and added the long ribbons to tie it close with, but I still want to add a pocket, and maybe an appliqued flower. I shall post it again when it is really done. This might not happen for a while, since I can only sew when my mother's not home. My main tool for creating my baking apron and other awesome stuff to come has been my favourite birthday present this year. I shall now introduce you to:

Yes, my sewing machine has a name. Basically, all of my electronic devices have names. My iPod is called Fitzwilliam. Fitzwilliam and Lizzie, they're like a thing. They have some strong connection going on... I'm playing with the thought of leaving them alone in a room together at night, for they might reproduce into something truly awesome...

This furry piece of fun is the teddy bear I'm working on for my little cousin. My aunt asked me to make it for her, as a sort of guardian. The bears made from this pattern are no good for playing with them, so we intend to tell my cousin she shall take care of him, and he'll always watch over her. I sort of like that thought. Maybe he'll be that one plushie she will keep until she's old and grey... We'll see, I guess...
Anyway, the big thing lying on that piece of paper, looking like two ball with slightly different sizes, that's the body an head. They're knit in one piece. The two little thingys up front are the ears. I still have the arms and legs to make. And the snout, which I don't have appropriate yarn for yet. I can't use the fuzzy yarn I use for all other parts, so I have to find something else that fits colour-wise...

This is what's going to become mini-Sherlock the Second. His feet are the tiny, black things in the front, next to the set of sewing needles. His head and body are done, with one ear added to the head already. Then I sort of lost interest and wanted to do something else. I strongly intend to finish him this week. I might even do most of the work I've got left on him tomorrow. We've got some stuff to do anyway, and we're going by car, so I might be able to talk Mom into taking me to the shop I buy my fabric, to see if I can find something to use as scarves for my mini-Sherlocks. The first one really needs a scarf, he cought a cold already... This one, however, I'll trade to a friend.

These are the template-spheres I made for my dollies. The yarn is scrap yarn from the Ghost and Mario blankets. I left two sizes out because I thought this was enough. I'll probably use a middle-size as heads for the dollies.

Yes, I'm trying to crochet lace around a handkerchief. Oldschool, I know. I bought the materials (and the freaking smallest crochet hook I've ever seen!!!! 0,60 mm, WTF????) so I would have something to occupy myself with during that infamous train ride to and from Berlin with a friend. No real progress was achieved, but whatever...

This is what I have been making some progress onsince the day before yesterday. It is going to become another blanket, but it does not really count into the UFO or WIP categories, because it is a project intended to take a rather long time. As you can see, there's a lot of different yarns in it already, and more still to come. I decided to mak this ziggy-zaggy patterned blankie to use up bigger amounts of scrap yarn, as well as leftovers from other project, such as the second "Schnullebacke" blanket. It has quite a decent size already, and keep my legs cozy and warm while I work on making it longer...

And last but not least, watch some Watson awesomeness:

I think this is a pretty decent achievement for only a few days of knitting, during which I was constantly interrupted by my cat, who wanted to take long naps in my lap. He particularly likes to do so since we replaced our sofas and the armchair which usually belongs to me. While he's napping in my lap, I can neither knit nor crochet, because he would interpret this as a permission for him to play with my yarn, which is a form of animalistic entertainment I do not approve of.
The Watson-sweater, anygay, is gonna be knit in the round, so it will have as little seams as possible. I think the pattern is pretty much accurate, and the colour of the yarn matches my Watson-Socks.

As far as further information about my nerdy life goes, I'm quite happy with the student I'm turoring in English. He was a D-student, with a tendency towards an E, but today he told me he had his first test this school-year on friday, and that he got a B. I'm really proud of him (and of myself as well, a little...).
I have seen "The Avengers" a felt 200 times since it has been released on BluRay, so I'm quite ready to watch something different now. I mean, it is still awesome and I could always watch it again (LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but the first wave of excitement has washed ashore now.
Basically, this means I am now looking forward to October 4th, which is when "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Mirror, Mirror" are going to be released on BluRay in Germany. I feel a "Snow White"-movie-night coming. I just have to ask my friend if she'll come over that weekend and go out for breakfast with me in the morning. Including those two, I will have, like, five different movie-versions of Snow White, which will make for an awesome night of funny, horrible, classical and sad fairytale goodness. I really want this now.

This has been quite a lot of typing, copying and pasting, and I have to get up in, like, two and a half hours, so I should probably go to bed now.

Live ling and prosper,
Cas Fangirls

What a Lovely Way to Burn

Early, like, really early, (0:37 am) this morning, I finally finished my Mario blanket.
Pictures are following as soon as the weather is decent enough and I feel like taking it outside for a few snapshots.
After I had taken the sewn-together strip apart again, it went more or less quickly. I am pretty sure that, had I stuck to my original plan of sewing together, I would not be done yet. Too tedious. But once I had it all in pieces again, I was quite comfortable with the crocheting it together and all. I was out of the sandy yarn I used for face and hands too early, so I had to use a new ball which does not fit perfectly, but I don't think it will show too much.
For the edges, I decided to use the same yellow I used for the buttons of the plumber's pants, so it would be a coulour that's in the main picture, but not as much as the others all are. I worked it the same way I did with the last blanket, two rounds single crochet, one double crochet. I wanted to do the second round in background-blue, but was afraid I did not have enough left, so I did it in yellow as well... It still came out pretty well...

Another thing I did in between finally finishing Mario was sorting my buttons. When my great-grandmother, on my father's side, passed away I sort of inherited her sewing box, which contained four different smaller boxes filled with buttons. To make a little more space for other stuff inside the sewing-box, I bought a cheap sorting box and put the buttons in there instead. While sorting them, I found a lot of differently coloured, rather small buttons which will be pefect to be used as eyes for all my dollies.

Talking of my dollies, I think they might all end up rather big. I'm not done with templates yet, but I think I might choose a sphere size from the upper range of the scale. Simply because I keep finding new pictures to use as references, such as these:

Isn't it interesting that Sherlock does not have ears, but all three Jims do? Anygay, I keep finding new references, such as these, but many require a certain amount of clothing, which often has to be made in such a way that it can be taken off. And in order for the dolls to be undressable (A naked Sherlock!!! Oh, my dirty, dirty mind!!!) they ahve to be a certain size at least. I might do different sizes. A simpler, tiny version, and a bigger, more elaborate, undressable version... Of each... Ah, glory! I shall not run out of crochet to do for a loooooong, loooooooooooooooooooooong time.

My mother's opinion? You can pick either one of these:

Not like I care, right?

My semi-cousin still has not paid for/picked up his blanket... I'm starting to get pissed. Seriously, it is not funny anymore. He told me he'd call past friday. He didn't call last friday. He told me he'd call today. He didn't call today. Currently, when I think of him, the only thing that comes to my mind is

But then I tell myself to

This usually helps me calm down again. I intend to kick my semi-cousin if he does not manage to finish this before the end of the month, because that would destroy my plans. I shall not explain further what said plans are yet. Maybe not ever. Depends...

Anyway, have some Tom Hiddleston:

Isn't he adorable? And I always knew that all Loki needed was a hug. I wanted to hug Loki ever since that scene where he yells "Tell me!!!" at Odin. You know, in THOR. That's where you can see something break inside him, and see all the angst, fear and despair break into the open... I love Loki. He's such a poor little soul. I'd hug him anytime.

Have some more Tom Hiddleston. This seems to be from an inteview where he's been asked whether he was bullied on set of THE AVENGERS because he played the bad guy:

Seriously, who would ever even DARE exclude Tom Hiddleston from group hugging. Or from any kind of hugging, for that matter?

A week ago I started writing the first chapter of the Prince of Persia 2008 Sequel. You know, the one I posted the Prologue for earlier? It is not much yet, and I think it will take some more time for me to have something that's long enought that it is worth it to post. I don't think three sentences is worth it. So I'll keep it on the back burner for some more time...

Tomorrow I've got some tutoring to do (come to think of it, I still have to dig up my papers on adjectives and adverbs...). After work, mym mom will pick me up for some grocery-shopping, and when we come home with our messages ("messages" is Glaswegian for "groceries", thank you, John Barrowman), I will hopefully find my delayed copy of "The Avengers" waiting for me, which was actually supposed to arrive today. I hate DHL. Thank you for your attention. It took me nearly four hours to write this blogpost. Now I'm tired of typing and going to watch Golden Girls...

Live long and prosper,

PS: Did I mention I hate DHL???? 'Cause I do. So much!!!
Cas Fangirls

February Song

Ok, so... today, I discovered that my vow to myself that I won't start anything new in either crochet or knitting before all my UFO's are done was doomed from the beginning. Seriously, when you know there's this thing you have to finish before you will allow yourself to start anything new it gets so tedious. Furthermore, a certain somebody posted a pick on my fb-wall which made me want to start making those dollies all the sooner...
As a result of this, next to fixing a few columns on Mario today, I also started making templates of all the various sizes of ideal spheres I've got instructions for. Those, I will use to decide how big the heads are gonna be on the dolls I will make based on:
1. Sherlock, John and Jim
2. Thor, Loki, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Phil, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury
3. Dean, Sam and Cas

Somehow, I don't feel nearly as bad as I thought I would with my decision to start new projects on the side, as long as they are rather small and I still finish all my UFO's by the end of the year.

I've got a problem. You see, I've got an addiction. I thought all was going well so far, but Just recently, it broke out again. There's this musician. Josh Groban. This is him:

No, not the furry one on the couch. The pouty one up front. I love his music. I love his nerdy glasses. I love the fact that, each time he post a videoblog or a photo from the studio or something similar, his hair always looks like he just got out of bed. I love his voice. I. JUST. LOVE. Quite frankly, I'd marry him without hesitation. But since that's not going to happen, I have to be satisfied with his music, vids and photos. And, really, I am. Currently, however, I am in a rather bad state, where I could constantly listen to nothing but is voice in every variation. The only reason I'm not doing so now is that I don't have any of his songs on this computer, and I'm simply way too lazy to get out of this chair and get a CD. No way.

Live long and prosper,
Cas Fangirls

Two UFO's mysteriously disappearing...

No, seriously. In the course of the last... 1 1/2 week or so, I have come a little closer to the only goal I've got left for this year, the only one I'm still intending to get right. I finished two of my crafting UFO's. First was this:

The blanket is finally done, now I am waiting for my cousin to hand over the money. As soon as I've got my money, he'll get the blanket. I'm not taking any chances here. I've had bad experiences.
So, to explain a few things about it. The first shot is, obviously, a total front view. Is it not great. I'm really proud of myself.
The second pic is one of the corners. I crocheted around twice in single crochet. One round in black, one in dark grey, and then added another round of black double crochet. I think that turned out pretty nicely.
The other shots are basically just different angles of the front and back, sometimes close, sometimes not.

The socond UFO I finished only yesterday (it is ten minutes past midnight here...) are these:

If you don't remember them, those are the Elementary Watson socks I learned knitting socks for. I already had one pair finished. The yarn, however, has a camel-ish colour, but I wanted something more like John's jumper on BBC "Sherlock". So, naturally, I was delighted when I found this really light grey. It's perfect. And now they are already finished.

This does leave me with very little UFO's... Basically, all I have left is the teddybear I'm making for my little cousin, which was "ordered" by my aunt over a year ago, the short-sleeved pullover I'm crocheting, and the bag I started sewing a few weeks ago. The bag, however, is not actually included in my UFO intentions. So it don't count. And I might leave the pullover alone as well, since I am not even sure whether I still want to finish it. The teddy's up next anyway, so I still have enough time left to decide what to do about the others.

Oh, I almost forgot that I did him *giggle* in between the others:

Tiny Sherlock is adorable, right? The only thing he's missing is his scarf, but I think I'll get to buying some blue fabric soon... A crocheted/knit mini-scarf wouldn't work here. Anyway, I'm already working on a second one. I might end up doing John too... And I'm planning on doing "Avengers" dolls in crochet as well...
But first up is my cousin's teddy bear. After that I'll decide what's next.

Live long and prosper,

EDIT: I completely forgot, there's also the Mario blanket which is still unfinished...